Tuesday, June 26, 2018


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Maxine Waters was right about impeachment and right about speaking out against the agents of violence and intolerance.
How many defended her against the thug in chief's abuse. Is it because she's black? Or because she's a woman? Or because she says with such clarity what we all know but so many don't want to confront.
Many think what is happening to America won't reach them. Think again. This nation is at risk, everything it stands for, or at least has stood for in the past.
If the law was followed and the truth told and people weren't being hurt daily by the crude disrespect of those working in the West Wing, maybe we could be less restrained.
If our elected representatives did anything, that would help. But change is only coming from the people. From protest, and from court cases. And because of the indifference of a large segment of the government, including many of our elected "allies," and how long it will take for elections to have any effect on our ever expanding national dystopia, drifting further and closer to fascism daily, we have to act in small and large ways.
So many clear thinkers speak to how a restaurant ownere should have conducted herself. Too few are bothered by what Ms. SS and Mr. T said after SS was asked to leave a small family restaurant.
These two malevolent monsters said what "they had to say" - and it was lying and mendacious. Hardly civil, most rude.
In Mr. T's case, it was a transparent effort to use the bully pulpit, and the expansive megaphone taken from the people in the electoral college, so that he could crush a small family business.
It must be encouraging to many that that restaurant now has three weeks of reservations. But not those critical of this quiet lady. You can't get in there for awhile. Could it be the food. No, it's because this woman had courage and she handled the situation like a lady, the lady she is.
What many are saying is don't stir things up, that it's ok for the thuggery of our government to persist and we should suffer these bad actors, endure the indignity, when they are among us, and act like what they say and do the rest of the time is just fine with us.
Some wonder how Germany happened. It happened because people did what many are advising we do now and here.
Listen to any speech Trump gives today, what is said at the press briefing today, and what any spokesperson for the Administration says tpday. Lies, hateful acts and corruption.
Everyone must open their eyes, and open their mouths, and speak their mind.
Jesus said if you are tepid I shall spit you forth from my mouth. You remember when he threw the money lenders out the temple. Jesus showed passion on every level.
Be like Jesus. Cut out these bromides, these excuses to do nothing, get some gumption, and fight for the american dream, object and protest, lest we never awake from this political nightmare.
Why do we find a woman at the head of a protest these days.
Don't American men have any balls? JPF

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